We take the traditional
meet-and-greet to all new levels

Meetlete connects fans with their favorite athletes for a one-of-a-kind virtual experience.

About Meetlete

About Meetlete

Meetlete was created by two avid sports fans who’ve dreamed of bridging the gap between fans and the sports icons they love to root for!

By creating Meetlete, they have made it easier than ever to connect with your biggest sports heroes!

Meet Our Amazing Team


Rob Connolly

Co-Founder / CEO

Vivek Parekh

Co-Founder / CTO

Abraham Muheize

Athlete Success Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Meetlete allows you to book one-on-one, virtual meet-and-greets with your favorite athletes or sports personalities, all done through our app. Finally get the opportunity to ask that burning question…”What was going through your mind during that World Series at-bat?” or “When you threw that game-winning touchdown, was that a designed play?” Most of all, Meetlete is helping fans’ dreams come true in a way that has never been possible, until now!

It’s really easy! The first step is to download the Meetlete app onto your smartphone or other Wifi-enabled device. From there, you simply need to create a profile and then select the athlete or sports personality you’d like to have speak with. To complete the booking, you’ll be prompted to fill-in what you would like to talk to your chosen athlete about, the times that work for you to get on a call with them, and then simply submit your Meetlete request. Your chosen athlete will then receive your request through the Meetlete app.

Each athlete or sports personality is able to set their own price.

Your chosen athlete or sports personality has 14 days to call you. When they do call, you will receive a notification that, for example, “John Smoltz is calling you.” When you click the notification, you will be placed in a secure video chatroom for your one-of-a-kind meet-and-great experience. If they could not get a hold of you within the 14 days, we will send you a full refund and cancel the booking. You always have the option to rebook if you’d like.

A Meetlete video call lasts about four-minutes.

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While we’re incredibly excited about the Meetlete app, see for yourself why we are quickly becoming one of the most talked about apps in the sports community!

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